Ashland Street Parties, Sponsors and Patrons Accomplishments

We wanted to create a music program for gathering people to enjoy their evenings, meet their friends, meet their neighbors and renew old friendships. Ashland Street Parties has created a new awareness of the power of people having fun in Ashland.  Utilizing this format, we have been able to raise and distribute over $50,000 while presenting quality entertainment at a fair price.  Ashland Street Parties began as a way to honor Jay Pace and Nina Peace utilizing the Library plaza area with the express purpose of expanding our sights to other areas of Ashland as the opportunities present themselves.  Our mission continues to expand with the purchase of the new stage pieces and a cooker which will enable many local organizations to implement their own fund raising activities and/or continue them more efficiently at a much reduced cost.

A list of some of our purchases which benefit the Town of Ashland and are available and utilized by Ashland and Hanover non-profits:

20×20 Tent, 24×24 Stage, crowd control fencing, lighting for  Library parking lot, pots & plantings for Library and Plaza, instituted and signed contract for maintenance of plantings, distribute over $4,000 per year to our non-profit partners who assist us in serving the thousands of people who visit the central business area each year for the parties.  Thus providing many opportunities for our local neighborhood business partners.

Thank you to all whom have attended!!  Please remember to say thank you to all of our sponsors who make this possible.   And a big thank you to Bill Bevins who is our permanent guest host.